Sudan-USA Relations: Navigating Stagnant Waters

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For decades now Sudan-USA relations have reached a somewhat stable, yet unfavorable (for both sides) status. Recent diplomatic efforts have started to shift this status in a more positive direction, with the much anticipated executive sanctions lifting all but throwing the previous stagnant system into flux. These changes are anticipated to continue for the foreseeable future until the bilateral relations once again reach a new state of equilibrium. However, two important question present themselves for the time being: 1) How do we ensure the new status is favorable? What needs to be done in order to capitalize on the potential upcoming opportunities?


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In an effort to help provide answers to these inquiries, CDPP organized a series of events in partnership with the Peace Research Institute (PRI), and Mr. Richard Downey from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The series of events consisted of a lecture titled “US Foreign Policy in the Sahel and Horn of Africa” presented at the International University of Africa; followed by a panel discussion on “The US and Sudan Relation under the Trump Administration” hosted at Corinthia Hotel with Kelsey Lilley from the Atlantic Council sitting in the panel; and finally a roundtable discussion on “US-Sudan Relation: The Way Forward” hosted at Rotana Hotel.

The events broached several important topics such as US diplomatic efforts in the region and Sudan specifically, post-sanctions Sudan-US relations, economic opportunities and challenges, and steps needed to move forward. The events had attendees from a broad range of sectors including academics, government officials, journalists, civil societies, and business owners.


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