Our Vision:

Our vision for Sudan is inclusive, just, and sustainable development, led by stable, effective and responsive institutions, and originates from the context-specific history, culture, and identity of the Sudanese society.


Our Mission :

Our mission is to provide a knowledge-based contribution to the questions of development and state-building in Sudan. That is to provide high-quality and knowledge-based policy research, capacity development, and technical assistance to boost state developmental performance.

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CDPP Mission Image

Our Core Values

For CDPP to fulfill its mission, we believe in core values that we consider conditions for success:


  • Future Orientation: in agenda and concerns


  • Openness: to the whole societal spectrum


  • Independence: in thought and action


  • Incubating Innovation: to address complex development challenges


  • Excellence: in professionalism, quality and learning

Our Approach:

CDPP seeks to provide rigorous, evidence-based, and policy relevant research to inform practical and innovative solutions to the challenges of development and public policy in Sudan. Through its work in policy and research, CDPP aims to provide advice to decision making, to inform public opinion on CDPP’s core agenda, to provide a platform for public debate, and to be a hub for interested researchers and original ideas on development and public policy.

CDPP aims to provide high-quality capacity building in the fields of development and public policy, through short and long introductory and specialized training programs, in partnership with local, regional and global institutions for official policy makers (government officials) and non-official policy makers (political forces, civil society, media and the private sector). Through these programs, the Center aims to contribute to enhancing national competencies to tackle the challenges of development in Sudan, in the present and in the future.

CDPP Vision and Value Image